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Welcome to the “International Conference on Material Science and Engineering” to be held on the June 21-23, 2021 at Rome, Italy

The International conference on Materials science deals with the understanding and application of the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering. It includes elements of applied physics and chemistry, as well as chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering. With a basic understanding of the origins of properties, materials can be selected or designed for an enormous variety of applications, ranging from structural steels to computer microchips.

Target audience:

  • Scientists.
  • Professors, Associate, Assistant Professors.
  • Research Phd Scholars and students
  • Nanotechnology Companies
  • Nanotechnology Associations
  • Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Engineers
  • Materials Scientists/Research Professors
  • Junior/Senior research fellows of Materials Science/ Nanotechnology/ Polymer Science
  • Materials Science Students
  • Directors and CEO’S of chemical companies
  • Materials Engineers
  • Members of different Materials science associations.
  • Polymer companies


Scientific Sessions

Basics of Material Science and Engineering

Materials science and engineering, is the design and discovery of new materials, particularly solids. It involves the discovery and design of new materials. Materials Scientists or Engineers, through understanding how materials work, can create new materials for new applications 

Polymer Science Engineering

Polymer science or macromolecular science is a subfield of materials science concerned with polymers, primarily synthetic polymers such as plastics and elastomers. Polymer engineering is generally an engineering field that designs, analyses, and modifies polymer materials

Engineering Materials

The substances that are useful in the field of engineering are called engineering materials. Engineering materials are metals and plastics. Wood is used to make patterns and models. Smart materials and composites such as carbon fiber are also important engineering materials. 

Surface Engineering and Coatings

Surface engineering is the process of modifying or coating the surface of a component to enhance its properties.  It is defined as the design of a surface/substrate composite system to achieve performance that could not be achieved by either the surface composition or the substrate alone. 

Structural Materials

Structural materials are materials used or studied primarily for their mechanical properties, as opposed to their electronic, magnetic, chemical or optical characteristics. Structural materials are defined mainly by virtue of their properties of rigidity, strength, and toughness

Functional Materials

Functional materials are generally characterised as those materials which possess particular native properties and functions of their own. Functional materials are found in all classes of materials: ceramics, metals, polymers and organic molecules.

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